Some times you want to delete a file and for it to stay deleted forever, SSH/SSL private keys, sensitive documents, old password databases, etc...

Anyone who has ever accidentally deleted a file or had a hard disk fail knows there are a million and one tools out there that will undelete and recover these files.

This is were shred comes in...

My PC is on literaly 24/7 as I run a FAH (Folding At Home) client and Transmission to seed the RPi and Ubuntu image torrents, but when I want to use my machine I have to pause them both as they bog the machine down.

This was a manual task I had to do every time I sat down and I had to remember to set them both going again when I was done, something I didn't always remember to do at 3AM after a session of "I'll just do a little more..."

Out of habit I lock my PC whenever I leave it and I thought that was an ideal trigger to pause/resume the FAH client and Transmission!

The other day I was generally tidying the various document, images and scripts that seem to slowly become scattered about my home directory and noticed something strange had happened, the MATE Places menu now had a bookmarks submenu?

I thought I had broken something after my attempts to change the icons in that menu earlier the same day, turns out it's way simpler than that! All that's happening is that if you have more than 8 bookmarks MATE will show them under a Bookmarks submenu.

So for once I hadn't broken anything, this was actually a feature. I thought I would share this as I couldn't find any mention of this when I was trying to find out what was going on.